3/8/2024 10:00

Clinical psychologist, specialist in systemic psychology, she has been practising her profession since 1983. She has personally accompanied many people and has given numerous training courses. She recently left her profession, but continues to share her experience.

It is not the same to feel and know oneself to be part of something, as it is to believe oneself to be the Whole.

It is not the same to seek change in others or in society.... but to be willing to change oneself. It is not the same to believe that by doing A I get B, as it is to know and feel that we all interact, we affect each other! Thus, working on oneself affects the change of others and of society.

These are some of the differences between a systemic view and another kind of view...

At 12:00 after a snack we will have a systemic practice.

We are waiting for you!

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