15/6/2024 10:00

On Saturday 15 June at 10 am, we have the presence of Christian, manager of the social enterprise NOVATERRA and practitioner of MEDITATION. He will talk about how the personal and the social are intertwined, and how meditation affects personal and business growth.

On the same Saturday at 12h, he will guide us and introduce us to the practice of meditation.


Who is Christian Mecca? Christian Mecca is currently a director of Novaterra. He holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Buenos Aires and a Social Entrepreneurship programme from IESE Business School. He also participates as a lecturer in the Master's Degree in Social Economy at the University of Valencia.

For more than 25 years he has led business projects in different countries, in companies of various sectors and sizes, specialising since 2009 in the management of social enterprises that articulate business, social and environmental sustainability.

Winner of the 2017 Young Social Entrepreneur Award, he is currently the CEO of Novaterra Grupo, which is made up of the companies Novaterrra Catering Sostenible (event and community catering), Novaterra Social Logistics (last-mile delivery service and environmentally friendly logistics) and Cuinaterra (sustainable school canteens). He is passionate about social enterprise and a tenacious advocate of the economy at the service of the Human Being, which he seeks to translate into the day-to-day running of the companies he leads.

He represents the Human Economy movement in Valencia and is a professor of the Master of Social Economy and the Master of Strategy, both at the University of Valencia. For several years he has maintained a constant practice of meditation and accompanied people to enter into meditation and the expansion of consciousness.

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